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Log Management

Wrble is a fast logging platform priced lower than hosting your own open-source stack.

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The technical innovations behind Wrble are super exciting. Realizing an order-of-magnitude in cost savings in an existing market creates tremendous value for customers.
Casey Haakenson, Founder

Everything You’re Looking For

It’s never been easier to get data in and unlock value.

5 Minute Setup

Our users are always shocked at how easy it is to get started.

Near-Real-Time Querying

Logs available for search in milliseconds.

Incredible Scalability

Millions of users? No problem. We can index over 500 TB+ / month.

Compare Data

Multiple searches of cohorts.

Superior Performance

We had to make it faster to make it cheaper, find your target quicker.

Automated Alerts - BETA

Set it and forget it. You can trigger notifications based on searches and thresholds.

Ingest Historical Data

Leverage our APIs to back-fill historical data.

Any Logs

Mobile or web or IoT or automotive, we take it all.

Limitless Integrations

Wrble integrates with any service that generates log lines or structured JSON.

Built for Developers

Our founders were backend developers first. We couldn’t find any great logging
tools we could afford (and were fast enough) so we built Wrble.
Send with syslog or ode in the language you know with any development environment.

All in less than 10 lines of code.