Secret of Good Development - Log Effectively

Learn how to log from your app and how to do it well

Mar 5, 2021 by Casey Haakenson

Logging is often an afterthought. But at Wrble we believe that logging is important. Really Important.

You've just jammed out a pretty sweet new app and are ready to ship it off to the App Store. At this point, it's vital to have visibility into what's happening with your users. What they're doing and what problems they run into. What you can do to make their experience better. Without logging, you're flying blind.

But we at Wrble can only control so much after we've received logs. So we believe it's also really important to learn how to reliably get logs off your production systems and structure them well.

To that end, we are offering this (work in progress) class structured to help you with logging whether you use Wrble or not.

NOTE: like making design flexible, you want logging to be flexible and resilient. Tie it into tenets of software dev. Axioms of dev. "Don't repeat yourself".

Lesson Overview

Hopefully we've gotten across that Logging is Important and you'll join us on this journey to produce (and consume!) the best logs.

Lessons in this class:

  • What to Log
  • Searchable vs Readable
  • Structured Logging
  • Searching Logs

Bonus lessons:

  • Javascript Logging
  • Mobile (iOS and Android) Logging
  • Syslog/Rsyslog
  • Docker logging