Newsletter Jan, 2021

Live tailing, ANSI Escapes, and why is Rust all the rage?

Jan 5, 2021 by Casey Haakenson

Cheers to 2021! Here's the latest Wrble and cloud news for you.



Our most requested feature is now live!

As requested, we've recently added the ability to live-tail any search. This feature is available immediately across the board on all free, standard, and enterprise plans. It works in-place, the results are in oldest-at-the-top order (to prevent confusion), and live results are added to the bottom as they come in. All of the normal search options like case-sensitivity, project-selection, and full-syntax remain the same.

TIP: ANSI Escapes

To add color to your logs, you can now add ANSI Escape Codes to your logging output. This can be for cosmetic reasons or enable better discovery of critical issues while scanning your logs.

Other Goings-on

Rust is all the Rage

We learned a bit more about Rust when this great 30 minute tutorial came out. While we don't use any Rust in production at Wrble (based on a preference for well understood problem spaces) it's still a great way to end the holiday and worth worth a look if you haven't already.

Ominous Skies

From the Google outages to the Slack troubles it's a good time to review your disaster and recovery plans as well as to #HugOps and support the humans that keep your service(s) up and running.

Cloud Bonus

We spend as much time working with cloud vendors as you do and we know how confusing they can be! It helps to know which instance types best match the resource utilization for each of our different internal services so we put recently together a cheat sheet for all AWS instance types - feel free to use and submit pull requests.

On The Roadmap

  • Monitoring & Alerting later in January
  • Charting in February
  • CLI access for searching and tailing in February
  • Something else you want to see? Tell us about it...