Log Ingestion

Getting your logs to us.

We offer three strategies for getting logs into Wrble. Classically systems work on line-based syslog/rsyslog and we can hook in there to get your log files into Wrble. We additionally offer structured logging SDKs for all popular languages/frameworks and this can offer greater power in modern systems that sometimes don't have filesystems or the possibility to run daemons like rsyslogd. Finally we have an Restful HTTP API that can you send us data from anywhere you can imagine. We want to empower developers and make it a snap to get data in no matter where it comes from.


With a small configuration change, start sending all your logs to Wrble.

If you're transitioning to Wrble, we offer a free transition period where you can double-send to your existing provider and Wrble at the same time without incurring additional cost for up to 1 month and syslog is a great way to do that before moving on to more structured data. Contact sales to get more details.


Send perfectly structured data with our SDKs.

We will parse structured data out of Syslog (and other) streams but sometimes that can get messy with multiple lines, dirty data like stack traces, or inner data sets. Using our SDKs for Golang, Java, Ruby, Python, and many more languages you can bypass the post-processing step and send us clean data that preserves all structure all the way through searching to results to get you the data you need.


Sometimes there are just odd corner cases and Wrble has you covered.

Our simple HTTP APIs let you send us logs from a toaster or a piano or anything that can connect to the net. Zero-dependencies and zero-daemons offer you perfect control over resource utilization when you're in a tight spot.